The leader in resource recovery.


Design, manufacture
& installation

of resource recovery solutions

OGTEC has made significant strides since its inception in 2015, growing to become a top player in the waste and recycling capital equipment industry. What sets OGTEC apart is their dedication to being a one-stop-shop for their customers, offering design, manufacture, and installation services. OGTEC’s hands-on expertise in the field means that they’re not limited to one supplier, and they can specify the best equipment for each application, providing innovative and efficient solutions.

Their flexible team of qualified engineers, project managers, and service technicians are committed to delivering high-quality equipment and services. Recently, OGTEC has ramped up its manufacturing facilities to provide a greater range of services to the market. In short, OGTEC’s focus on design, manufacture, and installation, along with their commitment to their customers, make them a leader in the industry.

Products & Services

Process Development

At OGTEC, a team of experts collaborates to design innovative and efficient waste and recycling solutions tailored to meet the unique requirements of each project.

Project Managment

OGTEC's project management team is a well-oiled machine, ensuring that waste and recycling projects are delivered on time and with seamless coordination.

Plant Upgrades

OGTEC's plant upgrades utilize cutting-edge technology and creative solutions to increase efficiency, reduce environmental impact, and enhance operational performance.

Plant Design

OGTEC's plant design prioritizes sustainability and optimal user experience, incorporating aesthetics and practicality to create a visually appealing and user-friendly space.

Turnkey Plants

OGTEC's turnkey plants are fully integrated, ready-to-operate facilities designed to perform at the highest level from day one, providing an immediate impact on operational performance and profitability.

Manufacturing & Installation

OGTEC's skilled team of engineers, project managers, production staff, installers, and service technicians are passionate about delivering high-quality equipment and services to their clients.

Why partner with OGTEC?

We know waste and appreciate the challenges associated with processing it. This hands-on experience allows us to build the best solutions for our clients.

Across All Industries


As a top player in the waste and recycling equipment industry, OGTEC provides innovative and sustainable solutions to help businesses reduce their waste output and recycle more efficiently.

Waste to Energy

In addition to recycling, OGTEC offers equipment and services for waste-to-energy processes, helping customers turn their waste into a valuable resource.


With a focus on optimizing productivity and efficiency, OGTEC offers high-quality equipment and services to the mining sector, providing customized solutions to meet the needs of each customer.

Paper & Pulp

OGTEC also specializes in providing design, manufacture, and installation services for the paper and pulp industry, offering innovative solutions to optimize production and reduce waste.


OGTEC's expertise extends to the quarry industry, where the company provides customized solutions for customers, prioritizing safety and sustainability while increasing productivity and efficiency.

Building a better solution for waste

OGTEC are committed to eliminating waste to landfill, building a greener environment for future generations while offering our clients the best return on investment. We specialise in the design, manufacture and installation of resource recovery solutions for the waste industry.